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100ML QD'S

100ML QD'S


This fantastic new range has been created as an alcohol/water base hybrid, they are quick absorbing and quick drying meaning the colour absorbs almost instantly to card stock. The sprays will work on any porous surface and can be used over gesso to colour in projects that are none porous. Spraying through stencils is easy because the colour is absorbed almost instantly so the product has less chance of pooling. The blender allows you to blend it with our normal waterbed products enabling them to be QD’s too simply spray your blender down first and follow by our usual sprays. Another way to use the blender is to spray our inks down first and whilst still wet spray the blender over the top this causes the waterbed sprays to pool in droplets creating a wonderful effect.

The colours available are:

Azure Blue QD

Verdun Green QD

Green Teal QD

Electric Yellow QD

Tangerine Orange QD

Rosewood Pink QD

Old Mauve Purple QD

Midnight Black QD

Blender QD

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