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Dream Big A4 Stencil

Dream Big A4 Stencil


This multifunctional stencil has been created to put you in control, we decided that we didn’t want to design just another simple already laid out stencil so that we could squeeze as much on as possible and also it gives you the opportunity to let your design ideas flourish. The stencil was designed with a dream catcher in mind however we have jam packed it with over 30 usable elements perfect for creating backgrounds and foreground designs. 


When designing the stencil we wanted to make things easy for gem placement so the little circles are perfectly sized for this.


The edge of one side of the stencil has been rough cut so that it can be used for hills and mountains as well as giving a distressed look to paper.


Our main aim of the stencil was to put you in the driving seat when designing your projects.

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