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Fusion Foam Stamps Set 2

Fusion Foam Stamps Set 2


A perfect hybrid foam that can be used perfectly with our spray inks as well as acrylic paints and ink pads.

These beautiful stamps have been created using a hybrid rubber foam material, they have been digitally drawn by Simon and converted into a file which is then laser etched by ourselves.

These stamps work beautifully with our inks simply spray directly onto them and the ink will start to soak into the stamp you can now stamp with it, once the ink runs out or dries simply reactivate with water. The stamps can be used with stamp pads and also paints either applied with a brayer or on a Gelli Plate.

When you need to wash your stamp use water and a mild soap if needed, you can also use a soft tooth brush on them or a blending brush to get into any stubborn places.they should be dry within one to two hours

To store your stamps store them flat in a tub and do not place anything heavy on top as this may ruin your stamp.


Health and Safety Notices: Children should be supervised.

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