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Stamps by Cheryl Wall

Stamps by Cheryl Wall


We are proud to launch our hand drawn stamps by the very talented Cheryl Wall. Cheryl has created these 3 beautiful stamps that work extremely well with our sprays.


The Giving Hand 97mm x 93mm

This is a beautiful stamp that has been hand drawn the stamp is a beautifully drawn hand with foliage and a delicate chain wrapped around. This is perfect for producing a 3D image.


Bloom & Flight 90mm x 80mm

A beautiful hand drawn image of a butterfly snd foliage .


For Your Eye's Only 139mm x 55mm

This is a fantastic fun filigree style mask perfect for any occasion.



The sentiment stamps have been put together to go with the stamps that Cheryl has created. 


Complete Set of 4 Stamps


All of the above Stamps

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