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Wink Spritz Sprays

Wink Spritz Sprays


Our Wink Spritz Sprays are really versatile & such great fun to work with. We have produced them in the 3 primary colours Red, Blue & Yellow so they can all be mixed to create secondary colours and all that’s in between. Pearlywinks Craft Supplies have brought their Wink Spritz Sprays to you in 100 ml bottles, enough to keep you going for a while. Let your imagination run wild, your creativity take over. 

Who are they For, what can they do & why we love them...?

Our Wink Spritzs Sprays are for anyone and everyone, (please note that children under 12 should be supervised at all times the sprays. From Complete novices to crafting, right through to Experienced Crafters these really are a great addition to any stash.

Wink Sprizs Spray can be used on a range of mixed media, the transformation of a plain piece of card stock into something unique and beautiful is mind blowing.

Some of the ways we have been using them include a lot crafting items we already had in our stash, including wooden and clear stamps, metal cutting dies with the backgrounds we created, stencils, paper punches, card, photo paper, water colour card, ribbon and material clay, MDF, there are lots more things they can be used with (most things porous), let’s just say think before you throw anything even vegetables make great stamping tool! Depending on the medium used will determine the intensity of the colour and the look that can be achieved.

Winks can be mixed with other products such as our beautiful Pearls to give a complete different look.

Winks can be purchased on their own or in a fabulous set.



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