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  • What is the difference between your sprays?
    All our sprays are waterbased inks information regarding each range is listed below. Wink Spritz sprays are the primary colours (Red, Blue and Yellow) thwy were our first product we launched back in 2018 along with our Pearl Mist sprays, we later added a black to the Wink range. Wink Vibes are blends of colours that are at the more vibrant end of the spectrum we currently have seven vibes in our range. Vintage Winks are a set of four ink sprays that we developed for the launch of our very first stamp they were created to give a vintage feel to your project. Pearl Mist Sprays are mica based sprays that give a beautiful shimmer to your projects these can be used on porus and none porous surfaces. we currently have seven colours in this range including our two most popular sprays Glitter Pearl and Pure Pearl. We do have a few hybrid sprays in the Pearl Mist collection however that was before we created our Hybrid Pearlywinks collection. Pearlywinks Sprays are a blend of our Pearls and Winks so they have the sparkle of the Pearl along with the colour of our winks, we currently have six Pearlywinks and six Pearlywinks Hint of Gold sprays. Chalk Sprays are a blend of ink sprays and chalk as well as a few other things to create a chalky look, they are beautiful and subtle with a pastal look to them, we currently have six in the range with four of them containing glitter.
  • What is a Winkie Inkies?
    Winkie Inkies are 30ml dropper bottles that contain highly pigmented ink, they were created so that it makes it easier for people to paint with them pop a drop in a pallet add a few drops of water and then use them as you would water colours, a little really does go a long way.
  • How do you open the Winkie Inkies?
    Our Winkie Inkies have a safety cap on so to open push down as you twist.
  • Are your sprays made in the UK?
    Yes all our sprays are made in the UK by ourselves at our shop in Radcliffe, Adam works really hard blending the inks so that each batch is as close to the next as possible. We mix bottle and label them all ourselves.
  • Is your Micas ethically sourced?
    We have confirmation from our suppliers that the mica products we use in our sprays are sourced from reputable suppliers and that the mines are monitored to ensure no children are used in the mining of the mica. We also have confirmation stating that no Animal testing is used with any of their products.
  • Do you have a walk in shop?
    Yes, We are based on Blackburn Street in Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1NQ
  • Do you ship outside of the UK?
    Yes we certainly do we have customers in New Zeeland, America and Europe, Our products have a weight attached to them so upon completion of your order you will be able to see the shipping rate displayed, we do aim to get all orders to you within 10 business days however this can sometimes take longer due to different postal services.
  • Why do your products state children must be supervised?
    We have this on our bottles as the lids can pose a choking hazard should the be put into the mouth. We have also put this warning as we wouldnt want a child to accidently drink the product or spray your walls or furnature with a product that may stain.
  • Are you on social media?
    Yes if you scroll to the footer menu our links are in the bottom right, click them and you will be directed to the relevent site.
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