8 x 30ML Winkie Inkies & 1 x 30ml Magic Drop

8 x 30ML Winkie Inkies & 1 x 30ml Magic Drop

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Our brand new Winkie Inkie colours come in a 30ml dropper bottle and are a more concentrated blend than sprays so they are perfect for painting with, they can be watered down to create lighter colours or layered up to make darker colours.
The inks can be used in a water brush and are easy to wash out or they can be applied to a pallet and painted with a normal brush.
all colours blend with each other as well as all our other products. these create a beautiful water colour effect.
The inks will work on any porous surface and can be used over gesso to colour in projects that are none porous.
The Bright's Collection Colours: Atoll Blue 30ml Pompadour Purple 30ml Citrus Green 30ml Sorbus Orange 30ml.
The Darks Collection Colours: Allports Blue 30ml, Indigo Violet 30ml, Fiji Green 30ml, Nutmeg Brown 30ml
Product Contents: Pearlywinks 8 x 30ml Winkie Inkies & 1 x 30ml Magic Drops
Health and Safety Notices: Children should be supervised




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