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Christmas Traditional Pearl Mist Set

Christmas Traditional Pearl Mist Set



4 x Pearlywinks Pearl Mist Sprays - Traditional Christmas - 30ml each

• Colours include:

Cool Copper, Golden Shimmer, Diamond Pearl, Sparkling Shimmer

Shake side to side before use

If you love Sparkly things then these Pearl Mist Spays are the way to go! Adding a beautiful delicate sparkle to your crafting projects, Pearl Mist Sprays can be used for a subtle shimmer or a full on sparkle, you’ll love the results and transformation that can be achieved from a just

a few sprays onto your chosen project/card to create something so pretty and sparkly.

Pearl Mist can be sprayed onto many surfaces, they sit on top of the surface rather than soaking in, for this reason, certain things would need to be coated with a sealer to stop it from coming off, we even tried it on it on an old pair of black leather boots to add colour and sparkle, due to them being worn they need to be sealed to protect from wear and tear as well as rain as Pearls are not waterproof.

These sprays add a pearl shimmer to any matt card stock, they can also be used with other mediums such as wood, fabric, ribbon, leather and many more. These are not waterproof (though can be sealed to become waterproof), they work best with matt papers opposed to glossy finishes such as photo paper.

Health and Safety Notices: Children should be supervised

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