Epoxy Resin Starter Kit

Epoxy Resin Starter Kit

This 750ml kit comes with 500ml component A250ml component B (hardener)3 random mini mica pots4 x 50ml pots4 x plastic cups4 x wooden stirrers 2 x pairs of gloves1 x instructions1 x data sheet.This fantastic kit has been put together by Simon who uses this resin all the time in all his resin creations and when he does live demos. The resin is perfect for use in mixed media and art projects. Simon often demos the resin using the beautiful moulds from Jo over at The Craft Hut some of which we also stock being a proud stockist of theirs. The Resin is quite quick drying and depending on the temperature you can demoted your products after as little time as 8 hours (though best left 12 hours). As with all resins the drying time and curing time are different it is advised this resin should be fully cured within 2 weeks dependant on the temperature. When colouring the resin we have found that our QD sprays works amazingly and are not only easy to mix in but provide a beautiful colour. Why not add some mica for a innteresting sparkly look. This Resin is brilliant to work with however I would like to note it does not have a UV protector in it so if you want a crystal clear resin to cover your art work this really isn't for you as the clear resin will yellow over time unless it is mixed with a colourent, then it will retain its colour.The resin has a minimal odour to it and is not overpowering.When using the product remember to wear your gloves and in a well ventilated area, a mask is also advisable as with all resins.




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