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Pearlywink Evolve Spray Sets

Pearlywink Evolve Spray Sets


This fantastic new range has been created as a Pearl/Ink water base hybrid. They have a beautiful pearl shimmer, when choosing the colours we have used the mica as a reference to the end result ink colour so they are almost the same which helps the light to bounce giving the illusion of more sparkle.


The sprays will work on any porous surface and can be used over gesso to colour in projects that are none porous. Spraying through stencils is easy because the colour is absorbed almost instantly so the product has less chance of pooling.


Each pallet comes as a 3 x 30ml colour set


The colours pallets available are: 

Red - Merlot, Red Oxide & Fire Brick

Purple - Vivid Violet, Ce Soir and Lish Lilly

Green - Khaki Green, Rain Forrest & Wild Willow


Pearlywink Sprays are fantastic if you want great colour coverage with added sparkle. They also work on many different mediums:• Matt Card• Matt Paper• Coloured Card• Designer papers• Ribbon• Fabric• Wood• Leather• The sprays will work on glossy card however the effect is not as noticeable as it is on matt card.Can be mixed with:• PVA Glue• Water colours• Water based products such as our Winks

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