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EZ Blend Pick and Mix choose any 3

EZ Blend Pick and Mix choose any 3


Our EZ BlendZ have been made with blending in mind they are vibrant and blend

together easily. Spritz them, blend with them, stamp with them, Layer them, stencil with them, spritz with pearl or water and lift the colour to create beautiful backgrounds. The inks are water reactive so they are perfect for mixed media projects. The EZ Blends are not quick absorbing so they sit on top of your project to allow you to create seamless blends.



Choose any 3


-Wistful Violet

-Monte Carlo Green

-Rose Bud Red

-Summer Sky Blue

-Willow Mist Brown

-Dark Salmon Orange

-Confetti Yellow

-Shocking Pink

-Viking Blue


Shake side-to-side before use


Children must be supervised when using this product


Do not ingest

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