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TSUKINEKO The Essential Glue Pad refill

TSUKINEKO The Essential Glue Pad refill


Glue Pad and Inker Set. The Essential Glue Pad is a clear heat free adhesive for all your creative needs without the use of a heat gun! Just stamp daub or apply a light layer of glue to your project and apply your embellishments.

  • Application - Coated paper, uncoated paper

  • Drying time - Up to 15 minutes on uncoated papers and 60 minutes on coated papers. Varies based on surface, humidity, etc.

  • For embellishing your stamped designs with foils, lamé, powders and (fine grain) glitter.

  • Dries clear.

  • No heat required!

  • Allow images and embellished on non-porous surfaces to dry for 2 to 3 days. Heat resistant materials may be heat set to speed drying time.

  • For foiling, apply foil when glue is partially dry. Place sheet of foil onto desired image and press down lightly with hands. Remove excess foil gently with a brush.

  • Foils adhere best to glue on coated papers.

  • Test before use to ensure selected medium will adhere to the glue.

  • Use fine grade lamé (larger grains may rub off.)

  • If glue dries on pad, wash off the dried glue and allow pad to dry. Re-ink pad with Glue Pad inker.

  • Replace inner plastic cover and cover after use. Exposure to air will cause the glue pad to dry out.

  • Only re-ink the pad with the Essential Glue Pad inker.
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