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Lets Help Our Friend Leanne!

Hi, we are helping our very special friend Leanne Willan, 39, from Little Lever in Bolton to get life changing surgery. Leanne had surgery in 2006 which was a pace maker fitted in her stomach as her stomach does not work properly.

The pacemaker has stopped working and now she needs a new one the NHS will not fund this.

Leanne was very poorly last time and spent months in hospital having to travel to and from Manchester to Essex leaving her 3 year old daughter behind.

We are raising funds and awareness and need £10000 for surgery so we would kindly ask that you are able to help donate this to help get Leanne her life back.

Leanne Suffers with a long term condition called Gastroparesis.

Gastroparesis is a long-term chronic illness of the stomach which leaves those affected struggling with nausea, vomiting, pain, weight loss or gain, and in extreme cases, unable to eat.

However, the problem is rarely recognised and patients struggle to get a diagnosis, and afterwards troubles continue as treatment is hindered due to the lack of knowledge on the condition.

The next fear is that Leanne is also Diabetic. Having Diabetes is closely linked to this illness however having both can be so bad for the body it could kill her.

We are asking as Leannes friends that anyone who is able to donate can do to help raise this much needed funds for surgery.

Donations can be made on GoFundMe - link here:

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