Dance like nobody is watching!

Good afternoon. My name is sharon and I'm on Pearlywinks design team.

I've come to share with you a project I made using Pearlywinks products. I will list them below.

I've used the white board as a base, chose my colours and sprayed the base. Loving bright colours at the moment especially the sprays with shimmer and hint of gold. I've used mandarin orange with hint of gold, purple rain with hint of gold , lemon yellow & vintage teal

After it had dried I stamped my chosen image over the top. I used a ballerina stamp and a grunge stamp for right hand side.

Now I always have an idea in my head of what I want to make but it never turns out that way lol. As shown in the photo below I cut pieces out of different paper pads and place on the base first before sticking everything down. As you will see from the finished project I changed my mind lol.

I messed up in places but was determined not to give in and throw it away so I carried on. I sprayed the different components of flowers, another stamped image and the dress on the base with the ink sprays.

I then used coloured pencils to create definition, depth and shading on the paper pieces and the ballerina. I used gesso around her with glitter . Lastly I used the Pearlywinks charcoal texture paste on a stencil for the "Inspire" word.

Motto of the day is "Never give up" lol.

I love the vibrancy and shimmer of these sprays .

Here is the finished result:

Stay safe

Sharon xx





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