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Pretty poppy watercoloured

Here is a stamp by Stampendous called Pretty poppy, that i have stamped using an ink pad made from #WinkieInkies (RED) and some #MagicDrops.

I added some #WinkieInkies to a palette, ready to watercolour the image. The colours used on the petals are Red, Yellow, and an orange mixed from the Red and Yellow, in the centre the colours used were Purple, Teal and Green.

I applied some water to a petal, then picked up some yellow, and touched the already wet petal, added the orange, then red, and let them blend together in the wet petal. Rinse and repeat with the other petals, and middle.

I then decided to make it more detailed, by adding some coloured pencils, again using a red, yellow and orange, to keep the blend, just add some dimension to the colouring.

I then added some green to the seed head, and some purple pencil, just to make it pop. Hope you like.

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