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Trio Of Triangles

Good evening , today i created this handy desktop trio of triangles storage unit from Pearlywinks mount board. Here are the step by step instructions and measurements you will need.

Material Pearlywinks mount board.

Pearlywinks ink sprays (colours i used are wink vibes sky blue and lime green.

Pearlywinks blue winkie diy ink pad with magic drops.

Stencils from my stash.

Pearlywinks high tack glue.


Largest piece 27mm x 11mm

Medium piece 16.2mm x 8.1/2 mm

Shortest piece 16.2mm x 6 mm

You will have plenty left once assembled to draw around the base and glue on.

Step 1 taking the largest piece score at 3.3mm intervals twice.

Step 2 score the middle piece at 3.3mm once.

Step 3 repeat as step two.

Step 4 decorate as desired.

Step 5 take the largest of the three pieces and form a triangle, gluing down the edge creating a triangle shape. Leave to dry.

Step 6 Once the large triangle has dried simply add the other two pieces one either side to create the illusion of two further triangles. Once in place glue the two edges to the main triangle, do this for both pieces.

Step 7 once dried stand the unit onto the remaining mount board and draw around the base and cut it out.

Step 8 run a small amount of glue around the very edge of the base then attach the trio of triangles onto it.

I hope you enjoy making this this very useful desktop storage

Happy crafting

Cheryl Wall

Design Team Member

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3 Kommentare

Donna Maria Smith
Donna Maria Smith
13. Mai 2020

Love this Cheryl thank you my lovely will look forward to making this as well 😁👏💖

Gefällt mir

Love this Cheryl xxx

Gefällt mir

Tom McCormack
Tom McCormack
13. Mai 2020


Gefällt mir
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